Epidemia virtual



To win this game you will need to complete 20 questions.

You will start the game with 5 lives. You will lose one with each incorrect answer.

However, to reward your effort and ability, if you are able to respond 5 consecutive questions correctly you will earn an extra life.

The questions are valued with a different number of points, depending on their complexity. So it is important not only to survive the 20 questions, but also to respond correctly to the most difficult ones.

Todas las preguntas tienen su explicación, que podrás consultar haciendo click en el símbolo de información que aparecerá al lado del mensaje correcto/incorrecto.

When the game is over, you will be able to consult the ranking to see what position you finished in. Will you be The Top Virologist?

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A game designed by Virology teachers and virologists
Developed by Sr.Brightside